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Let's face it, there are tons of coaches out there to choose from, and most are great!


What makes Sep unique is his humanist and empathetic approach, experience with diverse individuals and communities, and intersectional outlook on a variety of issues and topics.


Since 2014, Sep has prepared CEOs and start-up founders, anti-racism activists and politicians, professors, and COVID-19 researchers. 

Sep Pashang is a 4-time TEDx Talks Speaker Coach/Curator and Canada's first ever TED Circles Host. 

Prior to starting his PhD in AI and Sustainable Finance, Sep received a B.Comm in Management and a M.A in Management Information Systems.

In the private sector, Sep has for 15 years worked in US and Canadian financial institutions in fintech.

In the plural sector, he founded a non-profit organization in 2004 dedicated to sustainable development and has collaborated with NGOs, governments, and community members around the world. Currently he sits on the board of a non-profit and contributes to Canada’s national AI for SDGs community.

Sep is located in Toronto, Canada and is now accepting new clients across North America.

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